The Israeli series “Tehran” was a significant achievement tonight, when it was chosen as the best drama series in 2021 at the Emmy Awards. Dana Eden, one of the producers of the series, told this morning (Tuesday) in a conversation with Anat Davidov and Gideon Oko on 103fm about the exciting moment in New York.

“It was in the air, we had a feeling but we did not allow ourselves to develop too many expectations,” Eden admitted in her opening remarks. “I think Tehran is a series that a lot of audiences around the world have been exposed to. The reactions we got to the series in Hollywood, Europe and everywhere were great reactions from the moment it aired and also during the campaign to my mother. We felt very good about the series and its prospects, “.

On the moment of the announcement, she recounted: “It was in New York and it really was an amazing moment. We all jumped and hugged, and really got to the inconceivable place we all hoped and longed to be, and it came true. It’s a mixture of joy and shock you could say.”

Now the second season is being filmed right.
“Yes we are filming the second season these days. It is of course going to be broadcast on Apple TV and ‘Here 11’, we are very proud. Our amazing director Danny Sirkin is winning an amazing cast, with Glenn Close joining us in the second season, we spent some amazing weeks with us “And Danny does an amazing job with her. She is a lovely and amazing and special woman. It was fun to work with her. In the new season, wow, it’s hard for me to say things. We received congratulations from all the Israeli and Iranian staff on the set. We have many Iranian actors and refugees. .

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman, 103fm

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