The world is experiencing a super-changing moment. We are all in process. I’m interested in participating right nowexpresses the artist Alberto Castro Leñero (Mexico City, 1951) on the occasion of Radiant spaces, permeable structures, exhibition mainly of sculpture, but also painting, at the Museum of Mexico City (MCM). Several works are recent and those that are earlier reinforce the idea of ​​the work as a whole.

The exhibition of 19 pieces revolves around the idea of inhabit the space and make a flow with the outsidespecifically the square on the other side of the street, where the sculpture has been placed folded tunnel, which led to a performance by the dancers Gabriela Gullco and Guadalupe Acosta.

historical symbolism

The MCM is of great significance for Castro Leñero, who exhibited in those same rooms 20 years ago under the name Form. In an interview, the artist emphasizes his symbolismsbesides being a space very vital. It emphasizes that On the opposite corner is the old church of Jesús Nazareno, with the mural work that José Clemente Orozco painted between 1942 and 1944, the tomb of Hernán Cortés and pre-Hispanic elements..

One does not usually associate historical symbolism with the work of Castro Leñero: “In some pieces there is a certain aesthetic. For example, for Chac Mol (2022), made with tiles, I started a bit from the idea of ​​that sculptural piece that is repeated in different cultures such as the Maya. The graphics of the codices interest me a lot in the plastic”.

radiant spaces It was possible thanks to the support of Producción Nacional de Artes, a fiscal stimulus guaranteed by article 190 of the LISR (Efiartes), since it allowed the realization of some of the works. Is about propose different paths of three-dimensionality. With this diversity, my idea is also to create a unit, that this diversity forms a body with different functions, let’s say.

One of the most spectacular pieces in the exhibition is the large-format sculpture exchanger (2022), which consists of an arch that shelters various objects inside, placed on a mirror, whose reflection forms a kind of oval or mandorla. Castro Leñero had time to work on this proposal visual-spatialwith the idea of ​​creating a space in which the pieces relate to each other as a collector object.

another piece, reflective (2022), a kind of diamond coated with mirror material, he came up with in the exhibition process as an element that through reflection could connect the other pieces. I was somewhat influenced by the young artist Julia Carrillo, who works with this material.. Aerotransitable 2 (2016) is a ramp with sensors that make it interactive.

Castro Leñero began as an illustration artist and painter. He soon began to make sculpture; first, human figure in bronze, then more three dimensional things. As a result of an exhibition at the University Museum of Sciences and Arts, in December 2020, he began to work on spaces through which people can circulate and be. His proposal became architectural.

Currently, the creator is in a crossroads of various possibilities, while I try to reflect on how the public perceives the show. It is something changeable. I don’t have a conclusion.

Radiant spaces, permeable structures It will remain until February 5 at the MCM (Pino Suárez 30, Centro Histórico).

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