Ladies and gentlemen, it has finally arrived. 20 years after the release of “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, this all-too-impressive film was screened for the first time on IMAX technology in Israel! And how much it was worth the wait. Friends, the father of all fantasy books is back on the big screen, and believe me you want to be there.

Before anything else, and before you dive back into Middle-earth, to Hobbiton, the village of Berry, Mordor and the Moria mines, stop everything you do and click on the video to hear once again the amazing soundtrack of this film, which pays huge respect to the greatest work of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

Did you turn it on? So you can move on. For those unfamiliar (how is that possible at all?) The film is the first of three, depicting the plots of the hobbits Frodo Baggins and Smozy Gamji on their way to destroy “The One Ring”, the power ring of the Dark Lord Sauron. Along the way they are joined by Mary and Pippin the joker hobbits, Gandalf the magician (the amazing Ian McClellan), Gimli the dwarf, Argoran (also known as “The Passover”) and of course the Gulls the Elf.

This group is joined by one of the greatest warriors of mankind, Boromir, and together the nine become the “Brotherhood of the Ring”, which is supposed to keep Frodo and bring him in one piece to Mordor to throw the ring into the volcano where it was created, in order to destroy it.

And that’s it. Hence there is nothing to tell the plot, because if there is one series of films that is worth seeing even if you do not read the books, then it is the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. What’s more – if you have not had the opportunity to see this trilogy in the cinema in the original, now is the time to start with the first film to be screened in the near future in cinemas around the country.

From “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (Photo: Tulip Internetiment)

And believe it or not, the IMAX viewing experience enhances even this movie, which at times seemed like no improvements were needed at all. True, it is not 100% like in the books (because it is impossible), but it sticks as much as possible and more than that you can not ask for. From the moment the film begins, to the ending scene, you have two hours and 58 minutes of huge enjoyment of a sound experience that takes the (legendary) sound track and makes sure that even a week after watching you hum the tune on the bus, office and shower.

One of the obvious questions for a screening of a film from 20 years ago is – does it survive the test of time? So for as objective an answer as possible, I took a high school friend who admitted to me that he had never read the books or watched movies and made him sit for three hours in Yes Planet’s IMAX hall, to understand the magnitude of the event. The man sat captivated by the screen. When the movie ended and we left the hall I asked him if he felt the movie came out in 2001? The answer was unequivocal – it did not look like that. Great credit should be given to director Peter Jackson who even then was able to understand that there is no need for too much computer work if there is the amazing nature of New Zealand, and made sure to shoot as much as possible without computer effects.

Conversations about “The Lord of the Rings” often mention the third film (Return of the King), which broke records and won 12 Oscars in one ceremony, but it is important to remember that “The Brotherhood of the Ring” was also nominated for 13 awards two years earlier, and even won four. I do not know if the next episodes in the trilogy will be re-screened in Israel, but even if not, the possibility of immersing yourself for three hours in the big screen, and diving back into the wonderful world written by Tolkien, is worth your time.

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