Just a week ago, we forcibly removed potters from the closet and curled up at home. Remember? If that’s not okay, we’ve been through a full week. And summer is back on the road. So with winter or no end, this week is with us again, which is a good enough reason to open Netflix and dive. Here’s all we Israelis, we loved throughout the week on Netflix. Worth the effort? we started.

Arcane: Arcane

Opens with a new and wonderful animation. Arcain, a French-American television series that aired this year, takes place in the universe of the League of Legends computer game series. Meet Piltover, an elitist city of academics living on high. Its less successful sister is Zaun – the lower city, inhabited by garbage, crime and a great deal of poverty. The complex life there is beginning to frustrate the residents of the city, causing them to take action and demand change.

Arkain (Photo: From Netflix)

The plot follows V and Jinx, sisters who were orphaned by their parents after the fight between Zoon residents and police officers from Pilotover. Later on, there will be a sharp wave of violence between the classes, which also complicates them along the way. Apart from the nostalgia that the series evokes, it also manages to explain a lot about the reality in which we live. It is not always possible to look at class differences from the side, and with Arcain – you get a refreshing point of view on all this mess. If you liked it, you will surely be happy to hear that the second season is already in production.

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True story: True story

Meet Kid (the excellent Kevin Hart), a world-renowned African-American comedian. Although he did not have much pleasure in his childhood in Philadelphia, he decides to make a brief hometown visit. This visit costs him dearly, as his brother (Wesley Snipes) threatens to destroy him with everything he has built. Sounds a bit like Cain and Abel, but I’ll not reveal spoilers.

Kevin Hart Wesley Snipes in a True Story (Photo: From Netflix)Kevin Hart Wesley Snipes in a True Story (Photo: From Netflix)

In his first dramatic role, Hart manages to convey something that sometimes takes years to do – truth. Although his biography is a bit reminiscent in parts of the plot, it just works well. The dynamics with Snipes raises questions about what brothers are, what success is, and whether there is a way to combine the two without falling by the wayside. In conclusion, good acting, fascinating plot, and I also stayed in suspense. And a small recommendation for Hart as well – do not break our hearts, and go on to some more dramatic roles on screen. It is as refreshing as cold soda on a hot day.

Suits: Suits

After all the new series, we’ll move on to something less new but very popular. Before Megan Merkel became Duchess of Sussex, she even played a shrewd legal assistant who was very far from the royal family.

Megan Merkel in the series Suits (Photo: From Netflix)Megan Merkel in the series Suits (Photo: From Netflix)

The nine-season series accompanies a New York law firm, but generally starts with Mike. His dream was to become a lawyer, but instead he was thrown out of school and trying to enter the field from the back door. In this case, the door goes through a marijuana deal and a police sting. With the help of his insane memory, he nevertheless enters the firm, and somehow manages to deceive everyone.

How did a guy who flew from Harvard get into one of the reputed firms in New York? How many bridges will he be able to burn? If you still did not have the strength to get sucked into the series, get ready to fall in love. I know nine seasons is no easy undertaking, but it’s worth it. And more than that, there is a situation where you will start buying tailored clothes out of empathy.

Sex: Life / Life

As time goes on, Netflix continues to bring to the screen more and more series in the romantic genre, more or less, to become Schlager. We all remember ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ which became a sensation among women from the age of 20 to the age of 99. So from the same creative house, get the Sex / Life, which accompanies Billy married to Cooper, whose daring sex once again disturbed her rest.

Sex Life (Photo: From Netflix)Sex Life (Photo: From Netflix)

Seemingly, Billy has it all – a big house, a handsome and successful husband, and two sweet children. Despite this, she is missing something, and she finds herself fantasizing more and more about the one left behind. Despite worrying about disguising past deeds, her wild and permissive ex returns to her life in flashbacks without warning.

Billy suddenly remembers her relaxed lifestyle when she was a psychology student, when she decided she was tasting the city in big bites. is very. What will happen to her relationship with her husband? Will she give free rein to her hidden desires, or will she fight for the peace of home despite what is burning inside her?

Proper Disclosure – This is a series that is a classic escapism, and it’s wonderful. It does not have too much sophistication or plot that requires attention to small details, which is really not bad. vice versa. So if you fancy a series that is just fun, and you’re over 18 (required), pour yourself a glass of wine or a good beer, and choose your favorite spot on the couch. You’re welcome.

Dean of Hell: Hellbound

A few months ago, we had no idea South Korea even knew how to produce television hits. Then came the ‘Squid Games’ series that changed the rules of the game, literally. The “Dean Hell” series comes from the same spiritual home, from South Korea, and manages to creep up almost as much. mummy.

So what awaits you in “Law of Hell”? Some angels appear in a strange version of Seoul, informing people exactly when they will leave the world. Date and time, everything. When Judgment Day does come, smoky creatures send the unfortunate to hell, but it does not happen immediately. To say the least. You’ll have to watch a horrific series of tortures I’ve seen on TV, and too graphically in a double double square.

Dean Hell (Photo: From Netflix)Dean Hell (Photo: From Netflix)

Honestly, I enjoyed “The Squid Games”, probably because it was so hallucinatory and far away, so it put me on an adventure. With “Dean Hell,” I just wanted to turn off the TV and turn it on. To see this poor man there, running down the street and running away from the angels who look like the green giant on speedboats – too tough. Even for fans of the genre, and those who flew on the squid, it is not certain that this is the series for you. We will summarize next.

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