Kylie Jenner has spoken many times before about her desire to expand the family cell, and now, embracing her two-year-old daughter and her partner she recently returned to, fans are sure the moment of her second pregnancy has arrived

23-year-old Kylie Jenner zealously maintains her status as one of the most coveted stars in the local swamp, and after about two years in the bachelor market, earlier this week she officially launched the comeback for her daughter’s father, Travis Scott. Now, with the broadcast of the reunion episode of “The Kardashian Family” (E!), Fans are sure that Kylie is pregnant – and they have found a particularly logical reason.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the girls raised a glass with the host, Andy Cohen, and while all the famous sisters and mothers eagerly drank the Chaser – viewers noticed that Kylie was the only one who did not drink it. If that wasn’t enough, when Kylie and Travis launched their relationship and posed for pictures together earlier this week, many claimed that Kylie was hiding her belly with her and Travis ’arm, which was casually placed on her thigh area.

A big storm has started on Twitter around the question of Kylie’s imaginary pregnancy, and with all good will – we still have no answers. One thing is for sure – if our Kylie is pregnant for the second time, a system of mako celebs are raising the party of the year. You are coming?

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