Pierre-Emmanuel Barré is already slamming the door of France with “C L’Hebdo.” 5
three chronicles, followed by departure. Contrary to what was still anticipated in the afternoon, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré was not there this past Saturday night for the premiere of the long edition of France 5’s “C L’hebdo,” which now runs until 8:55 p.m. “I won’t be working on set. neither tonight nor the nights after. The comedian claimed to the “Parisian” that “I was requested to take too many things out of my column for it to be acceptable on my side and France Télévisions does not want it to be shown.”

“I can’t work for them and work with them at the same time. a little déjà vu Without more remark, the person who had previously banged France Inter’s door in 2017 and claimed to be being censored was included.

“It’s a shame that this meeting didn’t work out.”

Presenter Ali Baddou, with whom Pierre-Emmanuel Barré had collaborated on Canal +’s “La Nouvelle Édition,” persuaded him to return to television after a five-year media fast. But after three issues, both the production and the channel were divided about the comedy in “C L’hebdo.” His vicious column on Cyril Hanouna from the previous week made many cringe in the public group’s hallways. A manager mutters that his crude humor “does not fit the chain’s aesthetic.” Another person comments, “I don’t know why Ali Baddou is showing this.

“I do not question his talent. There is no lack of it and it is for this reason that we thought of him. But there is a disagreement in tone between his chronicles and the one we have built on our show. We regularly try things. This appointment did not take, it’s a shame, ”assumes Justine Planchon, president of Mediawan Productions, which produces the magazine.

For Cyril Hanouna, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré is a “guignol who made a lame sketch”

Last Saturday, bouncing off the long diatribe hostile to public service professed by Cyril Hanouna, Pierre-Emmanuel Barré thus attacked the presenter of C8.

“He’s right Cyril, it’s shameful! 4 billion (budget for all public broadcasting) to end up with “Fort Boyard”, “Everyone has their say” and “Don’t forget the lyrics”. (…) Afterwards, you have to be fair play, it’s not just the fault of the public service if the programs are all rotten. They buy them directly from Banijay. It’s a production company. And who are the shareholders of the box? Cyril Hanouna! (…) If he is the one who validates the programs, that explains a lot of things…”, he had dropped, before miming the troublemaker of C8 taking cocaine.

The vitriolic chronicle did not at all make the host of “Touche pas à mon poste” laugh, who called the comedian a “boloss”, a “gugusse” and a “guignol who made a lame sketch” . “I saw a sketch on France 5 of a nullity of a guy called Dirty con (name of Pierre-Emmanuel Barré’s Twitter account)it is aptly named…”, he said.

At France Télévisions, the embarrassment was notable. Monday, without any explanation, “Seen”, the “Zapping” of the public group, broadcast every day in “C à vous”, exceptionally did not go on the air. “A technical problem” assures the channel, which denies any censorship. Patrick Menais, emblematic producer of the module, did not appreciate not having been informed upstream. The comedian’s entourage, whose sketch was widely taken up in this “Seen”, also strongly questioned this last-minute disappearance…

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