“The clown generates hope”, says Aziz Gual;  presents Otto at the Cenart

With this play, the company La Bomba Teatro celebrates 10 years of experience and community work.Photo Cristina Rodriguez

the art of clown has the virtue of generating hope and faith in people, says Aziz Gual, director of the show Otto, with which the company La Bomba Teatro celebrates its tenth anniversary.

In these times, laughter is essential to live better. Smiling makes us unique; laughter is hope; this teaching of touching human beings makes us closeradded the director and clown.

He explained that Otto, that is presented at the National Center for the Arts (Cenart), was created 10 years ago with a poetic concept and without words, since it considers them a border, while the language of clown It has nothing to do with borders, but with humanity.

In this season, which began on January 28 and will end on February 12, it will reach 100 performances. The show combines physical theatre, circus arts and live music.

In the presentation of the show, Aziz Gual explained that in the art of clown must be farm game statewhich is something emotional, similar to that freedom that children have when playing, because they put their heart.

In the play, Otto loses his nose, so he begins an inner journey in which he will face his fears and memories, which are inspired by the reality of the children’s universe and the human part of every stage artist.

The actress and founder of La Bomba Teatro, Paola Herrera, expressed that 10 years after its founding, the company’s mission is the same; Her works focus on small childhoods and adolescents to generate collective reflections.

The rapprochement with this public, as well as the social circus and community theater project in some neighborhoods of the Historic Center, strengthened their way of seeing the stage.

Our intention is to inspire the little ones, that they know this creative universeHerrera said.

Horacio Arango, who plays Otto, commented that the work is part of Convite de Maromas, which is supported by the Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects (SACPC), of the federal Ministry of Culture.

As part of their activities, he announced that they will carry out an improvement workshop for street artists and will resume the social circus workshop, which they have offered for five years in the La Nana space.

We are very happy because three of the little ones who started with us in the workshops, and they are already teenagers, the circus changed their lives and now they are in the Artistic Education Centerof the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

This shows that despite the area where they live, the Guerrero neighborhood, and Tepito, in Morelos, they got to know the circus and performed on stage, which gave them another vision, which is why this part of the social circus is important and community theater that we develop alongside our showsArango shared.

The cast of Otto It is made up of Anick Pérez, Santiago Manuel, Aldo Rodríguez, Paola Herrera and Horacio Arango; the musicians on stage are Diego Pérez (double bass), Mario Alberto Gallardo (accordion), Omar Ranfla (clarinet) and the voice in off of parakeet The Crazy Clown.

Otto, Written by Aziz Gual and Lucía Leonor Enríquez, it will be presented until February 12, 2023 at the Teatro de las Artes of the National Center for the Arts (Avenida Río Churubusco 79, Colonia Country Club) on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. .

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