In early March, beautiful supermodel Emily Ratajkowski gave birth to her eldest son. Since then the stunning star’s Instagram page has become the Instagram page of an ordinary proud mother, and in recent weeks she has uploaded dozens of photos with the tiny baby in which she models photogenic parenting. The last picture she uploaded managed to provoke quite a storm – and at the moment the network is buzzing around her.

Emily shared a photo of herself in a tiny bikini, holding her three-month-old son in her hand. The star held the baby in one hand with his head tilted to the side and back, and the small swimsuit pants on his body (and matched exactly to his mother’s swimsuit), slid down from his feet. Within minutes Emily’s photos were filled with angry reactions about the way she was holding her son, whose body was particularly red, and the storm had reached even our tiny country.

“Not an expert, but it does not seem to me that this is how a baby is held,” tweeted an Israeli surfer, and the tweet was published in the huge pages “Tweeting Statutes” and “When Dad and Mom Are Cousins.” “Is it real? Poor boy, he does not deserve blood on his feet,” responded another worried surfer, and another wrote: “Where is the welfare?”. The storm, as mentioned, also reached the door of Emily, who chose to block the possibility of commenting on the photos and has not yet addressed the issue.

“Who is it and where is the welfare?”. The angry reactions to Emily | Photo: twitter, screenshot

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