Gil Tamari leaves Washington, Saturday, November 20, Network 13

20 minutes article about Gil Tamari. Says once again: 20 minutes article about Gil Tamari, who is finishing her term in Washington and returning to Israel. 20 minutes. The man did not steal, did not murder H.O. subtlety.

Admittedly, the materials presented in the article were important: here is Gil Tamari entering through the back door of the studio he created in his home. Here are the clothes he is riding (the light pants and the blue sweater). And shofu what skill he ran with the adhesive tape on the crates. And the fascinating portrait of the neighbor Roger firing fireworks (Bugs Bunny did not happen to pass by in the area? Gil Tamari did not leave him any carrots? Hello, Network 13, we need to delve deeper into the investigation!).

What a shame for a TV channel. What a shame. This is not an overlap attempt to try to sneak in the back door. This is a chopped-up put on the viewers. Take, dear viewers, this nothingness right in your face. A full 20 minutes of nothing. Of course, it is convenient for Network 13 to waste time like this – producing news of this kind is very cheap, and also reduces the need to spend time on expensive original productions. So please you, dear viewers, 20 kg Gil Tamari, just today. Who said I and did not accept?

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See or give up: Even someone who can roll back in the new converters, who would not dare to watch it.

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