Last January, hours before Donald Trump and his family left the White House permanently, Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, became engaged to her core choice. Tiffany received an $ 1.2 million engagement ring and won a particularly exaggerated offer in the White House yard, and now, weeks before the exciting wedding, more details about this year’s event are revealed.

Relatives of the happy couple told Page Six that the glorious proposal is just the trailer for the exaggerated wedding event planned for them. “Tiffany wants a huge wedding,” insiders said. “Her partner comes from a very wealthy family and so does she, so they plan to fly their friends from all over the world to the event. It will be a big, glamorous and dreamy wedding, and they may have two weddings if friends and family fail to reach the United States because of the corona.“

Tiffany, 27, has been engaged to her partner for the past two years, business fire Michael Bolus, 23. The millionaire Bolus comes from a Lebanese.French family and spent his childhood years in Nigeria, so their wedding is planned to be a “huge international affair”. We can not wait.

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