Blanca Paloma wins the Benidorm Fest 2023 and will represent Spain in Eurovision with “Eaea”

After earning 169 points—94 from the jury, 35 from the demoscopic jury, and 40 from the televoting—Blanca Paloma won the Benidorm Fest with her song “Eaea” and will represent Spain in Eurovision 2023.

Vicco came in second with 129 points, followed by Agoney with 145 points for “Quiero Arder,” and Megara in fourth with 106 points. Alice Wonder came in fifth, followed by Karmento in sixth, José Otero in seventh, and Fusa Nocta to finish the list.

In front of a packed Palau l’Illa in the city of Alicante, the final gala of the Benidorm Fest 2023 began at 10:00 p.m. More than 2,000 spectators were moved by the eight performances that competed for the bronze microphone as well as by the appearances of Ana Mena, Manuel Carrasco, Beth, Chanel, and the presenter, Mónica Naranjo.

Karmento is responsible for the gala’s opening remarks. In order to accomplish this, she brought a bit of her Castilla-La Mancha to the Benidorm stage, along with some dry-land vegetation and a white backdrop on which projected shadows are used by the vocalist. The choir appears to join the Albacetea in the final “loroló” of “Quiero y Duelo” at the conclusion.

Megara came in second with her song “Arcadia,” which had video game allusions and purple, pink, and blue color schemes. Beginning with two dancers holding televisions on their heads, they are later taken off stage to interact with singer Kenzy.

With “Yo Quisiera,” by Alice Wonder, which opens on piano with sky backgrounds and light flashes, she debuted at number three. The singer is accompanied by four backing vocalists, who emerge and take up position next to the piano when Wonder departs it to proceed to the stage pickup, where she closes the performance.

With “Mi Familia,” a strong production with a white automobile on stage, five flamenco dancers with whom it travels across the stage, and the two central pickups, Fusa Nocta has placed fourth. The proposal from the Gandian is completed with close-ups and light flashes.

Agoney’s time came at the halfway point of the event, with her “Quiero Arder,” a performance that featured four dancers and intense choreography with very calculated close-ups. The canary, who was dressed entirely in red leather, gave one of the most impactful performances in the semifinal, backed by a platform and a pair of microphones that he interacts with at the start of the performance.

The most restrained performance of the night features Blanca Paloma, who is ranked sixth. She puts on a performance with five chorus girls, dancers, and a lot of red and white. The stage’s center has some drapes that aid in producing various shadow effects. The banquet for “Eaea” had the most theatrical staging.

The seventh performer was José Otero, who turned his choreographed staging of “Winters on Mars” into a performance with all-black costumes—his own and those of the dancers who walk on a rotating platform that produces various lighting effects.

Vicco provides a joyful staging for his song “Nochentera,” which has received the most plays throughout the entire Benidorm Fest 2023, to bring the party to a close. The Catalan is leaving the stage with four dancers after taking up the entire room.

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