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The Madrid Publishers Association has awarded the Antonio de Sancha Award 2021 to Urgent Spanish Foundation, FundéuRAE, “for offering a essential help for all those who use the Spanish language in their daily activities“.

The president of the Madrid Editors Association, Manuel González, has especially recognized the Foundation’s effort to offer help “attached to the present day.” “The important thing about the FundéuRAE’s work is not only the defense of the correct use of the language and the use of words appropriately.“, has assured.

For his part, the president of FundéuRAE, Santiago Muñoz Machado, thanked the award of the Antonio de Sancha Prize from the Madrid Publishers Association. “We are in the same boat as our language protection editors“, has added.

The FundéuRAE is a non.profit institution, an instrumental entity created in 2005 to solve linguistic doubts in the media– “What it tries is to answer these doubts and propose linguistic answers to questions that arise Regarding the meaning of words, the best way to translate expressions that come in foreign languages, the most appropriate Spanish formulas“, explained Muñoz Machado.

The Foundation receives an average of 4,200 inquiries per month, which are attended on the same day by a team made up of journalists, linguists, lexicographers, orthotypographers, proofreaders Y translators.

Last year some of the most consulted questions were related to the writing of the virus and the disease it causes, whether COVID is female or male, whether it is written entirely in capital letters and its accentuation. This year, the questions that are repeated the most have to do with orthotypography – capital letters, colons or commas.

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