La Casa de Papel says goodbye with the last five chapters “loaded with adrenaline, twists and a lot of feeling”

‘The Money Heist’ says goodbye definitively with the last five chapters of its fifth season that premieres this Friday, December 3 on Netflix. Five final installments that will solve the coup against the Bank of Spain and that, according to the creators of the series, Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina, and its executive producer, Jesus Colmenar, they will be loaded with “adrenaline and many twists” but that they will also delve into the more “sentimental and emotional” aspect from the Professor, Denver, Lisbon, Stockholm and the rest of the band.

We needed to close this trip with a lot of feeling“says Martínez Lobato that, after the total war unleashed between the band and the army within the Bank of Spain in the first part of the last season, he anticipates that this outcome”has a more emotional narrative“.” We are saying goodbye to all these characters who have been full of emotions for a long time and We had to finish their stories well and give their emotions a lot of ground and everything they have suffered and felt“, explains the creator who also anticipates that fans will find in these last five chapters”many nods to the series’ own internal narrative, how it started and the origins of the characters “.

Characters that say goodbye turned into a mass phenomenon followed by hundreds of millions of fans around the world. Not surprisingly, Spanish fiction is among the most watched titles in Netflix’s history globally and there is even a Korean remake on the way. “This is the most organic season because it has a very complete solidity. Many of the sequences that I like the most of the whole series are here, in these last chapters “, Pina points out that in addition to the” twists “and the” adrenaline “brand of the house promises”a very balanced ending “with five episodes that” work very well in sentimental terms“.

The creator of the series and founder of Vancouver Media remembers that, just now five years ago, they were “writing the pilot” of a series that five years later “has become a monster that we have a lot of affection”. “It has been an incredible and inexplicable journey“, Pina summarizes in a press conference in which she leaves the door open to future projects related to the universe of ‘La casa de papel’, in the form of prequels or spin-offs.

If we are going to have something else, it is something we are thinking about. It is in the air, circling. Now i can’t answer“, he says mysteriously.” What we can say is that the end of ‘La casa de papel’ is the end of ‘La casa de papel’. The door is not left open to a season six or seven“, Colmenar sentence that thus closes speculation assuring that with these five chapters the series culminates regardless of whether in the future they start up” ‘alternative’ projects. ”


But beyond the future of this universe, the three coincide in highlighting that the phenomenon of ‘La casa de papel’ has meant, above all, “credit for the Spanish audiovisual industry”. “It was very difficult for us to sell series to other countries. You had to go one by one … And place ourselves on Netflix, premiere in 191 countries at the same time, like the big North American productions, play in those leagues and being in their ranks very high – and many times winning – has placed the industry in a place we did not dare to think about“, points out Pina who remembers that, in terms of audiovisual production, for years Spain was” a complex country. ”

They talked about our fiction and there was always someone who said: ‘She is a Spaniard’ and we said it as if we could never get there … and we have arrived. We have managed to make the local, the very local, compete with the global and in many cases we even beat them. This trip is the trip of the consolidation of the industry “, summarizes.

In this sense, Colmenar sees ‘La casa de papel’ and its success as “the climax” of an “arduous battle” that they have been waging for years within the television industry to “break down great barriers” such as “the ‘goodness'” that was imposed when creating broad spectrum content for generalist televisions that “the lady of Cuenca” might like. “All those things that they told us were our great enemies (…) It has been a very arduous battle and of many years for those who we wanted to make a more cinematographic television fiction that could be global and exportable“, he says.


Along with the two creators and producer of the series, at this season’s presentation press conference were also the actors of the series who give life to the band of robbers led by Professor. “In this last season it is tightened to the maximum so that the situations that the characters live are as extreme as possible“, Morte anticipates that of” all the beautiful things “that the series has given him and his character stays with the experiences” of filming day by day “and”how nice it has been to work with such a brutal cast and crew“.

As for the expectations of the fans regarding the long-awaited final, while Darko Peric (Helsinki) predicts that it will unleash “mass hysteria“Others like Jaime Lorente (Denver) are aware that” no matter how the end is, nobody is going to like it, because nobody likes things to end “.”But the important thing is the trip, what has happened with this series is strong enough to be worth it. The end is just that, say goodbye“, sentence.

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