Jennifer Aniston is one of the most breathtaking stars in the Hollywood swamp, and for many years her fans have been hoping to see a heiress or heiress. After countless rumors about her, now the star has been interviewed and revealed what she really feels about the subject

Jennifer Aniston keeps the warm place in our hearts to this day. She recently celebrated her 52nd birthday, and after many questions about marriage, children and the future, she has now been interviewed by People magazine and told about the implications of the prying questions of the people around her.

“Sometimes you can’t deal with family members and people who send messages like ‘What is this? Are you pregnant? Are you getting married?’. Like, my God. How many years will it take to ignore this stupidity?”. Jen went on to say that she started going to psychotherapy, and only thanks to him did she reach peace of mind. She is proud of her today. “There are amazing things about being a public person, but there are also a lot of difficulties. Self-awareness is the key. “

The children’s question has been circulating around Jen for many years, and last April we even told you that insiders have announced that she intends to adopt a girl. Days after the news on Jen’s behalf denied the issue outright, and clarified: “This story is completely fabricated and never happened.” In Asush.

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