The NFT phenomenon at the top of the “ArtReview Power 100 List”

An intangible tidal wave upset the art market in 2021. And which dethrones all artists, all gallery owners, all museums and their patrons this year.

And the winner is … Nobody, or almost. Or at least no one like you. At the head of the traditional «ArtReview Power 100 List» which sets the tone each year for what matters in art, an NFT. Understand a “non-fungible token”, or a “a non-fungible token, a special type of cryptographic token which represents a digital object such as an image, a video, an audio file, to which is attached a digital identity which is linked to a non-empty set of owners ”. Last year, it was already a concept, Black Lives Matter, which was at the top of the list. He nevertheless represented people, grouped together under a single entity.

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