Prince Harry and Megan Merkel left the British royal family over a year ago, and since then they have often managed to upset the royal family. Now, about three months after Harry and Megan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, another issue is revealed that Harry and Megan talked about that was not very accurate.

Much has been said about the economic aspect of leaving the royal family, and how it will affect Harry and Megan. The two announced with the news of their departure that they intend to work for financial independence, and in an interview with Oprah Prince Harry resented that the family had cut them financially. It now turns out that no aggressive cutting was done on the part of the royal family, and that Harry’s father, Prince Charles, continued to transfer to the Dukes of Sussex money, and much.

Still funded. Prince Harry and Megan Merkel | Photo: DANIEL LEAL.OLIVAS / AFP, Getty images

According to reports published in the British Daily Mail, Prince Charles has transferred no less than £ 4.4 million ($ 6.1 million) to his two children and spouses in the past year. This is a decrease of 1.15 million pounds from 2019, the last year in which Harry and Megan worked as full.time royalty. At the same time, Harry and Megan are currently operating with complete financial independence.

The monarchy in 2020.2021 cost British taxpayers £ 87.5 million ($ 121 million) – an increase of £ 18.1 million in the previous fiscal year. Buckingham Palace lost more than half of its revenue this year, due to the Corona epidemic that led to the closure of sites to the general public. It was further revealed that the Queen was left with a deficit of £ 10 million as a result of the plague.

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