Sweet victory: Meghan Markle won the lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday

After a long legal battle, the Duchess of Sussex won a lawsuit against the newspaper that leaked excerpts from a personal letter she wrote to her father. “It is a victory not only for me but for anyone who has ever felt afraid to stand up for what is right,” she said

Half a year after losing the first hearing in her lawsuit against the British media, Meghan Markle won the legal battle she waged against the Mail on Sunday, which published excerpts from a personal letter the Duchess wrote to her father in August 2018, it was reported.

“This is a victory not only for me but for anyone who has ever felt afraid to stand up for what is right,” Markle said in an official statement after the win, adding: “While this victory is a precedent, what matters is that we as a collective are brave enough to reshape the tabloid industry. Which causes people to be cruel and benefits from the lies and pain it causes. ”

The Duchess added: “From day one I treated this lawsuit as an important measure of right versus wrong. Defendant treated it as a game without rules. The longer they pulled it – the more they could distort facts and manipulate the public, even during the appeal itself to produce more headlines and sell. More newspapers. It’s been almost three years since it started and I was very tolerant of the fraud, the fear and the calculated assaults. “Because they are guilty and my hope is that we will all start doing the same thing. Even though it seems far from your personal life – it is not and tomorrow these can be you. These harmful customs do not happen once in …, they are a daily failure that separates us and we all deserve better.”

In reading the summary of their decision, Judge Sir Jeffrey Wes said it was difficult for him to imagine what other evidence could have been brought to change the situation: Was “manifestly excessive and illegal.”

At the three-day hearing, Associated Newspapers Limited argued that the court’s decision should be appealed after Jason Knauf, the former Duchess’s personal secretary, claimed in her statement that Megan wrote the letter with full understanding that it could leak. Knaoff said Megan sent him an early draft, writing: “Obviously all I have worded is out of an understanding that it could leak, so I made sure to choose my own words but please let me know if anything is too prominent for you.”

Markle’s lawyers argued that the letter was very personal and it was obvious that his privacy was essential. The Duchess for her part denied that she thought it was likely that her father, Thomas Markle, would leak the letter but did think there was such a possibility.

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