Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake: The story that exposed America in its hypocrisy

“Fault: Exposing Janet Jackson,”

The year is 2004. The event – the Super Bowl game, the football league final in the United States. The giant pop singer Janet Jackson, the sister of Michael Jackson the Great and the rest of the musician brothers, is coming up for the half show. To her, as a surprise to the audience, joins young star Justin Timberlake. Towards the end of the song Timberlake pulls at the top of Janet, and for a split second, in front of hundreds of millions, in the field and in the spectators’ homes, the singer’s right field is exposed. Fast forward short forward. Jackson’s album that came out a few months later completely failed. The number of plays of songs from it is very low. Some radio stations refuse to play it at all. Jackson’s career is rapidly fading. Timberlake’s career is skyrocketing.

Wherever you look at the Janet-Demon-Justin story, this was America in the most blatant show. Hypocrisy, piety, cruelty, repulsive puritanism, and money of course. In America, no matter what the issue, money always speaks. Organizations, spokespersons, and politicians who, even in the days of correction, are rolling their eyes at the sky and shouting at cameras against the permissiveness of television, the cruelty of thrillers and video games, and the sexuality revealed in the clips, could not ask for juicier and easier prey than Janet Jackson. They did not even have to hunt her down. She served herself, bare-breasted, on the tray. We want the America of yesteryear, puzzled and pious, cried the shouters.

In the various panels across the country, in the absence of Iran and Atom to discuss, the breast structure of Jackson and the nipple itself were debated. That is, given that the nipple was adorned with a twinkling star, or earring, it is clear that Jackson prepared and planned the event in advance, nipple experts from one panel of the panel argued. On the other hand, other parties have argued, the sheer pleasure inflicted on a woman performing a nipple piercing proves vigorously that Jackson was just walking around with a huge ring and did not intend to present it to a nation with hundreds of millions. In one matter, the panelists generally agreed – to Jackson’s field is the structure of a demon belonging to a middle-aged woman, the age to which she is approaching in giant strides.

The CBS president in those days was furious at the label attached to that broadcast and refused to work with Jackson later and with MTV which was responsible for the mid-show. He justified his decision on the nature of the network’s content and his own character. By the way, a few years later the Tzaddik was forced to resign following complaints of sexual harassment on his part, despite his own character as he claimed in the days of the great storm.

So we stayed with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Timberlake was quick to spread apologies everywhere he was asked, and the stain was completely erased from him. 15 years later Timberlake led the halftime show at the Super Bowl. Jackson, who did not initially apologize, suffered contempt, was sent to the back seats of history, and her career completely faded. And another detail that is mentioned when an affair arises in the American public memory: Justin Timberlake White. Janet Jackson is black. And a woman too. To those America forgives less.

See or give up: See. A repulsive American show.

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