After Tehran’s Emmy win: Another global achievement for the Broadcasting Corporation here 11

Here’s IPS satire program 11, will be produced in an American version by Warner Media and will be broadcast on TNT during 2023. Warner Media is considered the third largest media concern in the world, and owns a number of major media and entertainment brands including HBO and CNN.

The IPS tells through comic sketches about what is happening in the “Anavim” prison where all the ills of society are concentrated: corruption of politicians, the erosion of the public defender, the weakness of the system, along with the inequality between men and women, the rift between Jews and Arabs, the connection between religion and state The series was produced by Dafna Danenberg and Aviram Avraham of the “Eight Productions” company, written by Doron Tzur and Ido Rosenthal, and its permanent staff included, among others, Menashe Noy, Naomi Lvov, Maayan Blum, Yaniv Suissa, Yaniv Bitton, Noa Koller and Itai Zevulun, and directed by Oren Shakedi and Kobi Chabia.

Menashe Noy at the IPS (Photo: Neti Levy)

The production and creators said that “this deal, in which the rights to produce the American version of the Warner series were sold, is the result of the hard work of a lot of people who helped us before and behind the scenes. We are very proud and thankful to everyone.”

“Here we are pleased with the first adaptation of our series in the United States. This is a success that joins the great wave of success of Here 11 in Israel and around the world.”

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