Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck watched the game

Last April a wave of partings swept the global swamp, with one by one all the biggest islanders in Hollywood parting ways. When Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up, it was clear that only a blatantly illogical thing would get things back on track, and then, just then, Jay Lou launched a historic comeback for his 2002 fiancée, Ben Affleck.

Since then the two have become the hottest couple in the global swamp, coming together for media events, becoming public in love posts, and making us re-believe in love. Now that the two have gone out for the casual pastimes of Hollywood islanders and watched a top-notch basketball game – they instantly went viral on the net.

Hollywood couples tend to get together for high-profile games and rake in quite a few headlines. So did Adele, launching her new partner in a glittering basketball game, and so did Tom Cruise, who came to a baseball game with a distinctly unidentified face. When Ben and Jen came to watch the Lakers (starring LeBron James) defeat the Boston Celtics, the cameras paused for a moment on the egg-loving couple – and the filmed moment went viral.

Throughout the game, Ben and Jen shared quite a few kisses and hugs, but as soon as the cameras rested on their faces, they watched with a signed face what was happening on the field. In the only moments that the avid fans got to watch true love in prime time, Mr. LeBron James was pushed into the frame – and blocked the couple in love completely.

“I * screamed * when they saw Ben and Jen on screen, and I screamed even louder when LeBron James blocked them,” tweeted one surfer, and another got down on Ben as he filmed the moment he whispered in Jay Lou’s ear, and the surfer wrote, “Hey Jen, who’s LeBron James? ”

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