“No filters with Moti Reif” is nothing more than a waste of pixels on the screen

“No filters with Moti Reif,” Sunday, Network 13, 11:55 p.m., Friday, 3 p.m.
Mutti Reif is big in fashion, but in press interviews he is small. Belle Lake once again tells the story of her life, and Rife is repeatedly struck with astonishment. There are many more good people in the program on the way to being interviewed by him. Will be stunning

“overpowering. overpowering. You’re gorgeous. You are so brave. “
The man struck by astonishment is Motti Reif. According to the public relations announcement for the program, he is the most influential man in the fashion industry in Israel in recent decades. Maybe. Do not understand fashion. The stunning woman is Belle Agam, an Israeli actress, an active transgender woman for the transgender community. As far as I can remember, when she participated in the reality show “Golstaria” her cries terrified the sky in a completely brave way when she had to perform, along with the other participants, some slightly scary stunt, but in her other activities in life, I guess, she is much braver, otherwise Moti Reif, Again, presumably, he was not so astonished.

In his next programs in the “Without Filters” series, he will be interviewed by Reif Tzipi Refaeli, Doreen Atias, Lia Gil, Gal Gvaram, Dror Contento, Neta Alchemister, Josie Katz, Tahonia Rubel, Tikva Gideon, Dikla, Miri Bohdana, Linor Abergil , Tzipi Shavit, Mali Levy, Miri Mesika, Yael Abkasis – the honorable composition. The interviews will be, according to the PR page, intimate, in private.

If you rely on what is called an “interview” with Bell Lake, it will be stunning. That is, the interviewees will tell what they have already said in a thousand previous interviews all their lives, The interviewee will be hugged and tears of pure emotion will sparkle in his eyes, because that’s how it is in intimacy.

So what if it’s not even trash. So what if Rife has no idea what a TV interview is and how to pull the interviewee out of the snail shell in which he shuts himself up and make the conversation a little interesting first before reaching the peaks of astonishment where he testifies that he is hanging out.

Rife is not to blame for Gornisht with this Gornisht, for wasting these pixels on the screen. Guilty is the one who gives him screen time, even if it is done at the end of the broadcast hours, at midnight at the end of the broadcast day or on a Friday afternoon that is not watched. Not that there is no place for such a program in the broadcast schedule. Not every show has to be a “cultural agent” with Kobe Meydan dripping hot mixed with a high percentage of hot air.
# To see or give up: not to see. Pity every pixel.

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