Elaine May, Samuel L. Jackson Y Liv Ullmann are the three artists chosen this year by the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to receive the Honorary Oscar at the gala of the Governors Awards. A ceremony to be held on January 15 and in which the actor Danny Glover will also be awarded the Jean Hersholt award in recognition of his humanitarian worka.

In its statement, the Board of Governors, the body that governs the Academy, defines Samuel L. Jackson like an “icultural cone whose dynamic work has resonated across genres, generations and audiences around the world“. The 72-year-old actor has participated in such popular sagas as Marvel’s ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Avengers’, which have turned him into one of the highest grossing actors in history.

In his career he accumulates such popular titles as ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Die Hard: Revenge’, ‘The Protected’, ‘Trainer Carter’ or ‘Multiple’. Jackson was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor for ‘Pulp Fiction’ in 1994.

From Elaine May, the Academy highlights its “bold and uncompromising approach as a screenwriter, director and actress that resonates as loud as ever with moviegoers. “The 89-year-old creator is a screenwriter, occasional actress and director of such films as’ Green Heart ‘,’ Heartbreaker ‘,’ Mikey and Nicky ‘and the disappointing’ Ishtar ‘.

Of the third recipient of the Oscar of honor in recognition of her career, the actress Liv Ullmann, the Academy highlights his “courage and emotional transparency” thanks to which he has given the public “moving performances”. Fetish actress of the legendary Ingmar Bergman, Ullmann, 82, has been nominated for an Oscar twice, the first for ‘The emigrants’ by Jan Troell in 1971 and the second in 1976 by ‘Face to face’ by Bergman.

At the gala to be held on January 15 next year, the actor will also be recognized Danny Glover whose, highlights the Academy “defense of justice and human rights for decades, it reflects his dedication to acknowledging our humanity on and off the screen. “

Glover, 74, has not been nominated for an Oscar but has worked on such popular titles as ‘The Color Purple’, ‘Sole Witness’, ‘Predator 2’ or ‘Dreamgirls’. Although undoubtedly his most recognized character is agent Roger Murtaugh from ‘Lethal Weapon’ the police saga that he starred in with Mel Gibson.

Since 2009, these honorary awards have been presented in a separate ceremony from the Oscars, whose 94th edition will take place on March 27, 2022.

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