The plot in the Norwegian series “Poria” puts the viewer in an armchair

A pastoral town in Norway, stunning views, but the quiet is artificial. An extremist racist organization, a detective fleeing the Russian mafia, a German intelligence agent, all share in a plot that sticks the viewer in an armchair. Not to be missed

A widowed Norwegian police detective who angered the Russian mafia was forced to wander with his little daughter from town to town for fear of the revenge of the long Russian hand. He finally settles in a small, remote town in Norway and hopes, in the sleepy silence there, to find rest for himself and his daughter. But beneath the calm surface of the town, completely different forces are bubbling. A right-wing racist organization, led by extremist residents of the town, is harassing residents of a center of immigrants from African countries located in the town, and a day after the detective’s arrival, the organization’s son’s son was murdered.

During his interrogation, the detective encounters a member of the organization, who turns out to be an intelligence agent who has infiltrated the organization’s ranks, and together they set out on what is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out the largest terrorist attack in Europe ever. If the eight-episode series continues as it began, the viewer is advised not to miss a single second of it.

In the meantime she is no less wonderful. The scenery is wonderful: the Norwegian nature on the high mountains, its green forests, the tongues of blue water branching off the slopes – just let us from this material more and more saturate our arid Levantine soul. On the night of the unfamiliar, incomprehensible syllables, which turns out to be the language of truth that people called “Norwegians” communicate, sounds great right from the Eurovision Song Contest. My bet: they will find. They will surely find.
# To see or give up: to see. Sure to see. Norwegian terrorism is not what you thought.

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