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The auction house Fernando Duran has sold to a private collector a piece of Manolo Millares, titled ‘Homunculus’ from 1967, for 460,000 euros- The starting price was 275,000 euros, as reported by the house-

‘Homunculus’ is a very important work for having been exhibited in the last retrospective in the author’s lifetime at the Museum of Modern Art of the Villa de Paris in 1971“They have pointed out from the auction house- The piece sold is one meter by eighty centimeters-

The original sale of the ‘Homúnculo’ took place in Vegueta in the seventies, but its seller acquired it in Madrid in the mid-eighties- The painting is in an “extraordinary” state of conservation-

It is a superb work by Millares characterized by the perforation of the support, the reduction of the color to black and white and the violence of the pictorial stains“, they conclude from Fernando Durán-

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