Game of his life: Dr. Dre releases new music in the least expected way

For almost seven years we have not heard anything new from the direction of the modern father of hip hop, and now it turns out that he is back, with new music, and through the iconic computer game GTA. So what happens when Dre loses his phone with crates of music inside? Wait until December 15th

Dr. Dre, one of the founding fathers of hip hop, has not released music since 2015, and here it finally happens, but not in the routine way we would expect: Rockstar gaming company announced last weekend that the music of the super producer and rapper will be one of the plot lines of a game The new GTA.

“When Dr. Dre was on his way to Cayo Perico (a non-fiction in the plot of the game) it turns out that not only did he lose his phone that fell into the wrong hands, but also that the phone contained the hottest merchandise in town: new, yet to be released, Dre’s music. Himself, ”was written by the game people.

The new adventure is expected to hit Dec. 15 and the games company promises “piles of new songs not released by Dr. Dre and another very heavy line-up of great artists.”

When Snoop Dogg was interviewed in October for the Rolling Stone podcast he revealed an avenue working on music and even noted the game: “I know he’s in the studio. I know he makes great fucking music. Some of the music is related to a GTA game coming out soon, so I think his music name will be released Through the game, “Snoop said.

By the way, this is probably a good time to mention that Dr. Dre was chosen to perform in the halfway show of the 2022 Super Bowl, along with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. So football, computer games and hip hop? new.

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