The Cure’s Robert Smith barked at Ticketmaster, the ticketing service bowed to a settlement – Culture

Ticket service Ticketmaster has once again upset fans with high ticket prices and additional costs.

Ticket service Ticketmaster is the singer-guitarist of the band The Cure of Robert Smith to demands for lowering ticket prices. Smith made the announcement on his Twitter account.

The dispute between Smith and Ticketmaster began earlier this week when tickets for the band’s US tour went on sale. Several fans were outraged by the high price of the tickets and the additional costs that Ticketmaster added to the total.

Soon Smith also announced that he thought the prices were unreasonably high. However, he stated that the artist can’t really do anything about it.

“I have asked how the prices are justified and if I get a reasonable answer I will tell you all,” Smith wrote on his Twitter account. He enhanced his message with capital letters.

Behind the scenes, however, the discussions between the British band and the ticket service continued, and at the end of the week, Smith announced that Ticketmaster would return some of the money to those who bought the ticket “as a gesture of goodwill”.

The fans’ summer reactions have been both elated and disappointed: the refunds offered by Ticketmaster are between five and ten dollars.

Ticketmaster has been at odds with artists before. For example, at the end of last year, a pop star Taylor Swift scolded the ticket service because of the ticket scandal. At the time, fans tried in vain to get tickets for the overcrowded service, and sales were eventually suspended.

According to Swift, the company had been assured several times that it would manage to manage ticket sales. Even then, fans were shocked by the expensive ticket prices.

In the wake of the fiasco in the US House of Representatives, even Ticketmaster’s too dominant position in the market was demanded to be addressed.

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