The platforms of the Spanish Association of Video on Demand (AEVOD), among which are: Netflix, Filmin The Prime Video, they have been in favor of guaranteeing the offer of content in co-official languages through dubbing and subtitling and through public-private collaboration.

In a statement, collected by Europa Press, the president of the association, José Antonio De Luna, has shown his commitment “with linguistic diversity“from Spain and the “support to the official languages ​​of the different autonomous communities with their own language”.

In this sense, De Luna has explained that “the best way to guarantee linguistic diversity is by offering content in co-official languages, specifically, through dubbing and subtitling “. “For this, we advocate for public-private collaboration and we reiterate the willingness of our members to collaborate to advance in this regard,” he added.

“We are convinced that the possibility of increasing the supply of European and non-European titles, subtitled or dubbed in official languages it would be the fastest, simplest and most effective way to achieve the objectives that we understand, are sought to be achieved in the bill, “he has settled.

The statement has been made public after Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and the Government have reached an agreement on the Audiovisual Law that, among other issues, provides for the creation of a dubbing and subtitling fund that the platforms will have to incorporate into their catalogs, as announced by the Catalan independence party.

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