Feels Excessive: Harry Styles has declined a million dollars

How many people do you know who will give up the possibility of making a million dollars (in cash!) In something like an hour? Because this is exactly the offer Styles refused: a performance at a private party on New Year’s Eve. So what’s the reason? Implies that it is related to the spouse

Harry Styles one of the most revered singers in the world. There are not too many singers who can boast 33 million monthly listeners on Spotify and another 42 million followers on Instagram – this could explain the amount of money put on the table to get it for a few hours on New Year’s Eve.

Stiles received an offer of $ 1.3 million * in cash * to sing in a private performance on New Year’s Eve at the luxury Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. An acquaintance of the singer told the British Sun that he “can not believe how lucky he is to be offered a million dollars just to sing a few songs”. By the way, this is not such a big effort for him either, is it? The day before he was performing at a music festival in South Beach.

But another source close to the British star said he had changed his mind and was no longer “planning to do the private show” because he wanted to spend the special evening with his partner Olivia Wilde. Maybe it’s time to point out that the 27-year-old singer’s personal fortune is estimated at $ 83 million to $ 95 million – probably another million per pile is worth less to him than spending time with Wilde – but could he at least write a song about it?

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