Thirty broken bones, perforated liver… Jeremy Renner on the verge of tears looks back on his terrible accident

It will be her first real speech and she will inevitably be very listened to in the United States. On April 6, Jeremy Renner will return at length to the accident that almost cost him his life on January 1 in an interview with Diane Sawyer, the teaser of which has been available for a few hours.

On January 1, the Avengers actor, known for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel universe, was seriously injured with his own snow groomer, while clearing the road in front of his home in Nevada. Coming out of his seven-ton machine, he understood that the emergency braking system had not been activated correctly. He then began to slide towards his nephew. The actor had immediately intervened to stop the snowplow and try to deflect its trajectory.


Looking back, Jeremy Renner says in this first interview that he would have no hesitation in reliving that horrific snowplow accident again, if it were to save his family.

His nephew thought he was dead

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s nephew, who therefore avoided the worst, says he thought his uncle was dead when he first saw him lying in a pool of blood from his head. In this teaser, Diane Sawyer goes on to list the number of the actor’s injuries: thirty broken bones, a perforated liver and a collapsed lung.


Jeremy tells him that he had no idea what he would look like after all that! On screen today, he appears in sneakers and shorts with an intact physique. A few days ago, he already posted a video on Instagram that shows him standing up and walking.

And the teaser of the interview already highlights the actor in tears in front of the cameras, who remembers this message intended for his family, in sign language, when he had no other way to tell them afterwards. the accident, how sorry he was.

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