The flirty gaze Kate gave to William

William and Kate are among the favorite couples in the British royal family. The two do not usually express public affection for each other, but at a Christmas event they exchanged flirtatious looks.

William and Kate have over the years become the most beloved couple in the British royal family, and while they have no competitors on the horizon – they undoubtedly prove time and time again that they are most deserving of the love they receive. While outwardly they maintain a rather serious facial expression, they rarely express affection for each other in public, and now that it has happened again, the entire network has gone mad.

Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted the annual Christmas Eve Poetry at Westminster Abbey. The event will be broadcast on television channels in the UK, and just before the broadcast, quite a few forums were released to promote the program in question. In one of them, William and Kate exchange glances in love.

William and Kate sat side by side and listened to Eli Golding, who sang the Christmas song “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Her eyes and smiled to herself a flirtatious smile.

This is a particularly rare moment for the royal couple, who do not usually show affection in public. Royal Family expert Mika Meyer has previously told People that “members of the royal family have no explicit instructions as to whether or not to show public affection, and they are asked to rely on their judgment. They usually adapt it to the events they are in. At dramatic and official events. We will probably not see any contact. ” And on Christmas Eve – absolutely yes.

Quite a few surfers took the opportunity to show that William and Kate are also a real couple, and brought back from the sorcerer the less-in-love video of the two. The royal couple were hosted at a videotaped event in honor of Christmas, and while talking to attendees William put his hand on Kate’s shoulder, and she, in a Melania-Trumpi mob, rattled his hand over her.

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