Get ready for drama: Pete Davidson and Kanye West will meet for the first time

Every year Kris Jenner holds a huge Christmas party at her house, to which she invites everyone who and who of the egg. This year Chris ran into a problem when she had to invite both Kanye West, Kim’s divorcee, and Pete Davidson, the boyfriend, and all parties are apprehensive about it.

We’re still trying to digest the fact that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a real thing happening in the world, and just like us is Kanye West. Kimi’s soon-to-be-divorced wife has come out in recent weeks with quite a few pleading calls for his ex-wife to return to him, but she is already celebrating life with her new boyfriend. Now E! It is reported that there is a good chance of a particularly embarrassing encounter between the two men in Kim’s life, who will meet for the first time since the two started dating really soon.

As every year, this year too, Chris Jenner holds the family’s traditional Christmas party at her home. Chris invited all the members of the family to the glorious event, along with their plus ones and all the annexes, and so Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex-partner and the father of her four children, and Pete Davidson, Kimi’s current partner who found quite a few Emotions in her ex.

“Kim is excited that Pete will come to the party with her, and Kris is completely obsessed with him,” an acquaintance of the family told Channel E News. “The whole family adores Pete and was happy to spend the holiday with him.

“Pete is stressed from meeting Kanye. He knows how much the family loves him and how hard he took the breakup,” another source told the Sun. “Kanye has made it clear quite a few times that he wants Kim back. He has been invited, but no one knows if he will come eventually. Pete does not want to be in the middle of their sons, but he also wants to continue hanging out with Kim and the family.”

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