This is what Pete Davidson’s house looks like

We’re starting to digest the fact that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are a real thing happening in the world. Last week the star spent the night in the comedian’s apartment, and we had to go out and check: What does Pete Davidson’s house look like from the inside?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson took a significant step up last week when they traveled together to Staten Island in Davidson’s hometown. The two stayed together in the city, spent time in the neighborhood where Davidson grew up and even held a historic reunion with Davidson’s mother, Amy.

During her stay Kimi rented her a luxury hotel room at the nearby Four Seasons Hotel, and the two were even photographed in his lobby enjoying a shared breakfast. The next morning, the 41-year-old star has already been photographed sneaking out of 28-year-old Davidson’s apartment, after spending the night there. Under what conditions did Kimi spend the night? Now, after a weekend of wondering, we have the answer.

Exactly a year ago, Davidson bought his first apartment alone for about $ 1.2 million. An SNL star had bought a house for himself, his mother and sister about a year earlier, where he spent his years in a fun living room in the basement. He left his mother’s house, mind you, last April, and since then he has enjoyed the obligatory title of “King of Staten Island.”

So where did Kimi spend the night? Davidson lives in a luxurious and compact two-room apartment with panoramic views of all of Manhattan. Two and a half bathroom-shower rooms are in his apartment – far less than the dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms in Kim’s estate, which is estimated to cost about $ 60 million.

Pete’s master bedroom has a luxurious bath with jacuzzi, and the additional room in his home serves as a study. The whole house is paved with parquet, but you will not find a spa, tennis courts or a spacious courtyard – but a small and sweet terrace overlooking the river. We really like the atmosphere of minimalism that Kim enters.

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