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An ex-boyfriend’s abusive remark caused Liz, a network star from Ukraine, to work hard at the gym. She posted the results in a viral ticking video in which she showed surfers how the ex does not stop calling her after seeing her. So we are always in favor of a healthy lifestyle and exercise, just maybe you should not do it out of revenge on a toxic partner

When the partner of LAYYZERR, a social figure from Ukraine, broke up with her after claiming in her face that “she has no ass”, she saw only one goal in front of her eye. She decided to skip the five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – and immediately move on to a more sophisticated stage: “revenge”. She started going to the gym and exercising just so she could, in the end, prove to him how wrong he was.

She uploaded the result to her Tiktok, where under the heading “True Story” she shows pictures of herself from the period before the breakup in front of her video today, in which she looks more shapely.

The video went viral and surfers of course were quick to respond, some aggressively: “To be honest, you still have no ass. You’re just really lengthening the angle of the leg,” one of them wrote. Other followers actually chose to strengthen her: “Do not even bother to respond to these haters. You look amazing,” someone wrote to her and another added: “Such people are just jealous and try to overthrow other people. Keep doing what you do.” But maybe it just seems to us that everyone is ignoring the real problem? So it’s good that Liz came out of a toxic relationship, but no one should change for or because of her partner. A healthy relationship is one in which you are loved just as much as you are.


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