The image that won 50,000 other images

American photographer Will Saunders is the big winner in the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 competition after beating tens of thousands of photographers. Best cliché: We let the picture speak for itself. Also: Accommodation in a Belgian hotel that used to be a hospital and an immersive exhibition by Frida Kahlo will open next year in Boston 

Red Bull Photography Competition (Photo: Will Saunders)
Photo: Will Saunders

Impressive dreams about Frida Kahlo

The list of respected artists whose works become mesmerizing immersive experiences will be joined next year by the marvelous Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. Exhibition Frida: Immersive Dream It will open this February in Boston, and will continue from there to other cities in the United States and Canada. accordingReporting Posted inLonely Planet, An exact location for the location of the exhibitions has not yet been announced, however Ticket sales Has already begun.

The multi-exhibition-Sensual will take visitors on a journey between some of Kahlo’s famous works, among them: The two separations (The two Fridas) Diego and I (Diego and me), And the wounded deer (The wounded deer). You Frida: Immersive Dream, Created by Italian film producer Massimo Sicardi (Massimiliano Siccardi), And the Italian composer Luca Longobardi (Luca Longobardi), Who also worked together on the immersive exhibition of Van Gogh works. Later this year the exhibition will also be shown at‏Chicago, Houston, Denver, Los-Angeles and Dallas, with a terminus (currently) in Toronto Canada.
If you are a fan of Kahlo, you will be happy to know that an exhibition will also open next year Mexican Geniuses With hundreds of the works and works of her painter husband, Diego Rivera. The exhibition will be shown in Washington DC.C. and in London, But no further details have been released yet.

immersivefrida An exhibition of immersive dreams about Frida Kahlo - (Photo: from the Facebook page Immersive Frida)
Photo: From the Immersive Frida Facebook page
immersivefrida Exhibition Frida Kahlo - (Photo: from the Facebook page Immersive Frida)
Joins top artists | Photo: From the Immersive Frida Facebook page

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