“Ariana has shut down her account, these are really dark days”

This past weekend the Christian world celebrated Christmas, and between gifts and celebrations, Ariana Grande fans received the holiday a little differently after discovering their favorite star had disappeared from the social network: “This downtime is not surprising. Her mental health is a priority and I hope she’s okay”, One of them wrote

Just a moment before Christmas, the time when the United States and the entire Christian world are trying to wrap themselves in a happy and positive atmosphere, Ariana Grande fans experienced a particularly difficult moment this weekend.

The “Arintors” (yes, that’s what they are called, similar to “Bilbarity”) who went on Twitter last weekend and searched for the pop star’s account discovered to their surprise a surprising message: “This account does not exist. Try to look for something else” – that is: the account has been disabled.

As expected, the rumor started raging among her base on social media and there tens of thousands of fans responded accordingly. “Ariana went on to tell us every day that she loves us – to shut down her account. These are really dark days” or “Ariana has shut down her account. There is no more point in Twitter.”

Another fan expanded a bit further and provided an interesting interpretation of the situation: “Ariana’s shutdown is not surprising. People, and that includes many of her fans even, say the most disgusting things against her without thinking about the consequences. Her mental health is a priority, so I hope she’s okay.”

The same interpretation makes even more sense when you consider that Granada’s Instagram page (known as one that contains less talk and more pictures and videos) is still active, and the singer wished her followers a happy holiday in the story when she uploaded a video of Clouds and wrote: “Take care, I love you.”

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