An anonymous waitress from the Hooters restaurant chain, which is well known in America and around the world as one that caters mostly to men with exposed cots, recently revealed what really happens in her work: from sexual remarks to direct reference to her skin color

“Once, when I brought someone the menu and asked him if he knew what he wanted to order, he replied, ‘What about you? Are you on the menu?’ Recently told about the less positive aspects, so to speak, of her work.

The waitress, who declined to reveal her real name, told Insider reporters that sexual comments are something she hears all the time from customers, and yet, there is nothing that irritates her more than someone telling her she is not smiling.

“You can be in the middle of the workday, moving between the tables, the kitchen, the cash register and the bar, and then someone will filter at you ‘Why are you not smiling? Maybe you will smile more,'” she said. “Yes, thanks for the feedback.” Beyond that, she says that comments about her skin color are also a recurring and “not-so-pleasant” phenomenon in a restaurant that caters to a male clientele in advance, with the wait staff always dressed revealingly.

“I can get all kinds of comments from people with a hammer to African-Americans,” she said. “I once worked at some table and someone said to me ‘I would like some … hot chocolate dessert, maybe you’.” The anonymous waitress later added that “the most economical thing she can do is actually ignore these comments.”

“A waitress once approached me for an apprenticeship and I told her that if she wanted to make tips of $ 100 or more, she must learn to ignore customer reports,” she said. “On the other hand, it’s important to know how to identify tables that are not worth wasting energy on. I once had a table full of boys who all drank water. It was clear to me from the start that I would not see any tip from them, and I really got nothing from them.”

Another phenomenon that she encounters a lot is prejudice on the part of customers about her and her friends. According to her, many people think that the waitresses in the restaurant are stupid. “This job is supplementing income for a lot of girls,” she said. “There was someone who worked with me who paid for her nursing studies from the tips she received. I have a master’s degree. We are not as obscure as many think we are.”


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