Kylie Jenner is one of the most surveyed women in the world, and when she announced last August that she was in the midst of a second pregnancy – the entire network went on alert. Now, following an innocent photo uploaded by Travis Barker, everyone is sure that Kylie has secretly given birth to her second baby. Or Courtney got pregnant and had a baby girl. Or is it the new cat at all?

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have long since become one of the hottest couples in the Hollywood swamp, and these days they are preparing for their huge planned wedding. The two have been dating officially for less than a year, but over their time together they have generated quite a few rumors about these and other pregnancies. Now, following an innocent photo Travis posted – everyone is sure the moment has come, and that Courtney has gotten into a secret pregnancy and a girl. Or maybe Kylie is a girl? Or is it a new cat at all? Or are all the answers correct?

Get the story brief: Travis shared in his story a picture of a pleasant evening with his future wife, during which the two sat in the living room and watched the movie “The Grinch.” On the table in front of the TV were quite a few art books and cups with warm drinks, and next to them, pay attention: * baby bottle * with ** milk in it **.

“Hey Travis, you can not just post a picture with a baby bottle and be like, ‘I just put it here,'” Courtney and Travis rightly wrote on the fan page, igniting the most intriguing web ignoring in these moments: Who is the mysterious recipient of the baby bottle?

Surfers have raised quite a few speculations about the identity of the recipient of the bottle: First, the bottle belongs to one of the new kittens at the Kardashian family home, who arrived this week at both Kylie Jenner’s home and Kim Kardashian’s home. The other, Kylie Jenner, who usually keeps her pregnancies a secret, has also decided to keep her * birth * a secret – and these days she’s already embracing a new baby in her huge estate. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

If one and two opinions did not satisfy you, perhaps opinion number three will do so. She, too, touched the pets, with number three claiming that the bottle might be used to feed Travis’ daughter’s rabbit. We, personally, have no idea who the bottle in question belongs to, but let us assume that Courtney Kardashian did not get pregnant, kept it a secret for nine months – and gave birth to another child in complete secrecy. Or maybe … actually yes?

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