Kylie Jenner is dealing with a disturbing stalker
Kylie Jenner maintains an army of fans all over the world, and along with the lot of love she receives – quite a few stalker also arrive. After last Sunday her regular stalker came to her house again, now the court has sentenced him to no small sentence

A lot of responsibility involves being Kylie Jenner. The 24-year-old star operates a huge beauty empire, entertains hundreds of millions of followers and leads a glorious family life, but this past weekend, amid her preoccupations and busy hazelnuts, she had to deal again with an unwanted encounter with her annoying stalker. Now that he has been arrested, the court has ruled on what is happening in his case.

Last Sunday, while Kylie was at her home, 24-year-old deputy Jero arrived at her home. The young man, who has been to Kylie’s home several times before, walked into Kylie’s home in Holmby Hills – one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Beverly Hills – and rang the bell of her home. One of the security guards on Kylie’s team saw the stalker and called the police – and they came and arrested him. Now, after two days in custody, it has been decided what he will do with it.

The young man, who had already arrived at Kylie’s home and received a restraining order, was charged with two counts of violating a court order and violating the restraining order. The lieutenant is currently in custody and is being held under $ 20,000 bail, which he will be required to pay if he improves the order again. The problem with the removal orders in question is that they are not particularly effective in relation to those who do not understand the meaning of the violation – a situation in which a lieutenant is undoubtedly present.

This is not the first time Kylie has faced troubling stalker. A lieutenant had already come to her house quite a few times, and another stalker came to the doorstep of her house armed with a bouquet of flowers and a wedding ring a few months ago. In front of a fan another emotion reached as far as the door of her house, but when he knocked on the door he discovered that he had reached the neighbor’s house.

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