Irina Shake is one of the most coveted models in the global swamp, and she recently made a crazy comeback to the headlines when she was caught on a romantic vacation with the newly divorced, Kenya West. The two were photographed in a dream location in France to which they flew to celebrate the rapper’s birthday, and since then we have been waiting impatiently to see more photos of the two. While we waited patiently, the beautiful Irina threw a bone at the fans.

The 35-year-old model shared with her 15.4 million fans a stunning photo of herself in the heart of a rather tropical nature, wearing yellow bikini bottoms and only yellow high heels. The star hid her chest with her hand, and froze to the depths of the lens with a look that burned our soul from the inside (in a good section, of course).

We recently told you about other hysterical photos of Irina, in which she was photographed with a thin suit of wires that did not cover much of her body. In the past Irina was also photographed with only a transparent bra, and in general she has no problem showing off what God has given her. We are most in favor.

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