Is Kanye West’s dating another 22 years old model?

Since the breakup of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Kanye has launched quite a few new and particularly surprising relationships. After the tumultuous affair with the 22-year-old model came to an end, now fans are sure that he is in the beginning of a new relationship with another model, also, only 22 years old

Each of us faces a slightly different parting, and in the case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – it’s hard to ignore the difference. Kim and Kenya announced a breakup exactly a year ago, and since then each has entered the romantic forgiveness. Kanye was the first to break the silence, when he allegedly launched a relationship with the beautiful model, Irina Shake, and Kim was not quick to respond.

A few weeks ago, moments after Kanye launched a new relationship with a 22-year-old young model, Kim entered into a * real * relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, a relationship that caused Kenya to beg her to return more than once or twice. Now that the relationship with the previous model has come to an end, Kanye is at the beginning of a new relationship, and no, this is not Deja Vu – this is * another * only 22-year-old model.

Kanye was photographed this weekend spending time at a party in Houston, Texas, which he passed on to network star Yasmine Lopez. Although Kanye has not yet confirmed the new relationship, but his fans have already been quick to determine that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship – and we have gathered all the most important details about the seemingly new company.

The 22-year-old Yasmine maintains an active Instagram page with a million followers, in which she shares quite a few more exciting (and less) events in her personal life. The beautiful star is also the mother of a boy named Chosen , who was born last August to her and a father whose identity is unknown. Earlier this year, Lopez’s name was romantically linked to rapper Trey Songs, but they never confirmed their relationship. Is Kanye and Jasmine really at the beginning of a new relationship? Probably only days will tell.

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