Valérie Pécresse assures that Gims is “sorry” to have created a controversy

The candidate for the Élysée explains that the singer, who counts among his supporters, “was going to wish everyone happy new year».

A simple Instagram video posted Saturday, January 1 by Maitre Gims, and at the end, a political controversy. In this “story“, The leader of the Sexion d’Assaut asked his nearly 3 million followers to stop with”the “good year”, “the new year». «Leave me, you know I never replied to that, and you keep sending me until January, FebruaryHe begged. A request that he justified by his conversion to Islam. “We have the same conviction, stop with that. Most of the time, Muslims send this to me. Brothers, don’t do this.The video created the controversy, which splashed Valérie Pécresse.

Candidate LR at the Elysée had received the rapper’s support during her regional campaign. The author of Saped like never before said to himself “Proud to collaborate for a few years now with Valérie Pécresse”. She had to explain it on the set of C to You on France 5.

Schiappa climbs into the niche

The controversy was invited in the political field Monday when Marlène Schiappa, Minister responsible for citizenship, took up the case on RMC. “I fight against radicalization, separatism, a form of communitarianism. We often talk about living together, it can start with expressions of politeness, relatively harmless. It takes more convictionsMarlène Schiappa explains. «Maitre Gims is an artist. He is listened to, he is an opinion leader. So he has a responsibility for what he saysShe continues.

The minister says she learned of the link between the regional president and the rapper very recently and challenged the one who is now a presidential candidate for The Republicans. “It was Valérie Pécresse, who prided herself on her support and said that she was funding it via the Ile-de-France region. The same Valérie Pécresse boasts of having put in place a charter of secularism. I ask him to explain himself, on the support, on the financing.»

Gims is “sorry”

Explanations provided Tuesday by Valérie Pécresse, on the set of C à Vous on France 5. The president of the Ile-de-France region said to herself “disappointedBy the words of the singer. “These words are all I’m fighting. It is communitarianism, it is to deny our calendar festivals, it is to fall back on a religious community.»

Pécresse claims to have contacted the member of the Sexion d’Assaut by phone, for explanations. “He told me he was sorry, that he didn’t want to hurt anyone and that he was going to wish everyone happy new year», She explains. “I think he didn’t want to hurt, but for me, it’s a speech that we must fight, a separatist speech, and I can’t help but condemn him and tell him to his face».

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