Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went on a dream vacation

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been a real couple in the world for over two months now, and they do everything to remind us of this in perfect photos. Now the couple in love have gone on a dream vacation in the Bahamas, and we have all the pictures

On November 1st we told you quite surprised about the new photos of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, who held hands at a joint outing at an amusement park and made many believe they were at the beginning of a new relationship. The beliefs soon turned out to be true, when the two launched their new relationship with all the photographers, and now, when they went on their first joint vacation – they are proving once again that they are completely real thing happening in the world.

The two went on a pampering vacation in the Bahamas, where they arrived like all the people – by plane and ferry. Moments after getting off the ferry on the sunny island, paparazzi photographers documented the beautiful couple holding hands with extra-large smiles – on the way to the dream villa they rented on the spot.

Our Kimi wore an extra-small leotard with ripped black jeans, and Pete kept a casual look with beige shorts, a simple T-shirt, and the favorite combination of a mako celebs system: flip-flops with socks. As of this writing, the system companies are hysterically flipping through Instagram and waiting for dreamy couple photos.


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