Tristan Thompson’s Scandal Parade
Tristan Thompson has managed to produce quite a few headlines in the last week, and in general since he came into our lives in 2016, so he and Khloe Kardashian have come out of the closet as a couple. The NBA player Betrayed Khloe quite a few times throughout their relationship, bringing in quite a few separations (not surprising) and comebacks (not exciting).This week his latest infidelity scandal has officially come to an end, with Tristan found the baby’s father who gave birth to Marley Nichols. We at Mako Celebs have reported to you on every treacherous step Tristan has taken, and in the last week the urgent need has arisen for the important article we have done in our lives: the Tristan Thompson Scandal Parade. Not on us, tap tap tap.

September 2016 – Beginning of a relationship with Khloe and the betrayal of the ex

Their names Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were first linked in September 2016 – three months before Tristan’s first son was born. Tristan had a two-year relationship with Jordan Craig, and the years declared her first pregnancy in April 2016. In 2018 Craig claimed that Tristan and Khloe’s affair began while they were together, claiming that not only did Tristan “dump her for Khloe” but he also paid her $ 112,000 so as not to be with other men, we emphasize: * while he is with Khloe *.

“When I met Khloe I was single,” Tristan tweeted in July 2019 when an issue came up again, and Khloe, for her part, insisted they did not have an affair while Tristan was in a relationship. If we were to ask her now – we are not sure she would have continued to insist.

April 2018 – The first (reported) betrayal

In September 2017, about a year after they started dating, Khloe Kardashian revealed that she is pregnant with her partner for the first time. Until that moment the two were the most in love couple in the Kardashian family, with quite a few expressions of love and a general sense of visible miracle. Then, on a night never to be forgotten in April 2018, our hearts missed a beat at the sight of Tristan Thompson’s betrayal videos.

Khloe was at the end of her ninth month of pregnancy when TMZ website Released unflattering videos of Tristan, who was having sex with a number of women at a Manhattan nightclub. Tristan was photographed kissing the women at the club, and then continues * Ethan * to a luxurious hotel nearby. Apparently the videos angered the unfortunate Khloe so much that a few hours after the video was released, Kello knelt to give birth, and the next day she gave birth to her first daughter, True.

Khloe forgave Tristan for the betrayal, and the two continued to raise their eldest daughter together. About two months later Khloe explained in a long tweet on Twitter why she stayed with her unfaithful partner, writing: “You have no idea what’s going on in my house, or how much effort it takes for us to rebuild it and live together. I’m proud of my strengths. I appreciate your opinion and I I hope these are their opinions towards everyone who is in such a situation. ”

February 2019 – The betrayal of Jordyn Woods

We got ten months of silence from Tristan and Khloe, until in the winter of 2019 we missed another beat, when reports came from Hollywood of another particularly painful betrayal. Tristan hosted a party attended by Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend. During the party, those present saw Tristan and Jordyn kissing, and after a huge explosion at the Kardashian family home, which included the immediate expulsion of Jordyn from Kylie’s home and her complete expulsion from the company, Tristan returned to Khloe’s arms – and Jordyn was left out.

“This time the betrayal hurts even more because Giordine knows Khloe well and knows what she’s been through in the last year. Giordin has been an integral part of the family.” An acquaintance of the star told Us Weekly. Khloe and Tristan broke up after the breakup, but continued to raise their daughter together. Not long after that the two had already returned to each other’s seeds.

May 2020 – A woman claims that Tristan is the father of her son

After Tristan and Khloe got back together, Kimberly Alexander, also known as Kim Cakery, claimed Tristan was the father of her five-year-old son. Tristan was quick to make a paternity test that turned out to be negative, and filed a $ 100,000 lawsuit against the same woman. Of course the star did not miss another opportunity to humiliate a woman, calling her in court documents “a woman who wants to be an influencer and a pornographic model. She is so desperate to achieve her 15 minutes of fame that she invents lies and claims Tristan is the father of her five-year-old son.”

August 2020 – Khloe and Tristan are trying to have a child

At the end of the first corona year that brought to our lives the unfortunate comeback of the two, a number of people close to the Kardashian family reported that Tristan and Khloe are trying to bring another child into the world. “Khloe was happy to make Khloe a brother or sister,” insiders said. “She thinks this is exactly the time.”

May 2021 – Instagram star claims: “Tristan and I slept”

Last May, a woman named Sydney Chase revealed that she had slept with Tristan several times – while he was dating Khloe. “He told me he’s not in a relationship so I was fine with that,” she said. “We talked a few times, we went out a few times. It was in January. We spent time, everything was cool, I asked him ‘are you single?’, He said yes. When I found out he was not single I cut him off.”

Sydney later revealed other atrocities that Tristan had told her, such as “Khloe is not my taste”, and Khloe for her part was quick to contact Chase and clear things up. “They had a long conversation about everything that happened between Sydney and Tristan,” an acquaintance told the star at the time. “Khloe has asked Sydney to keep the conversation between them, so she respects her and does not reveal details of the conversation between them, for now.” A month later – Chloe and Tristan broke up again.

December 2021 – The latest betrayal scandal

About a month ago, Marley Nichols, a 31-year-old personal trainer, applied to the court to open a white alimony case, which she allegedly gave birth to with Tristan Thompson. In the first days of the affair, Tristan denied his acquaintance with Nicholas, and even offered her a $ 75,000 silence fee. Throughout the trial details began to be revealed, Tristan admitted to having a four-month affair with Nicholas while he was with Khloe Kardashian, and this week the paternity test confirmed that he is the newborn’s father.

“Today a paternity test revealed that I am the father of Marley Nichols’ child. I take full responsibility for my actions,” Thompson wrote in his Story apology. “Now that the paternity test has substantiated the allegations, I look forward to raising our child in a friendly way. I send my sincere apologies to anyone who has been harmed or disappointed, both privately and publicly. Khloe, you do not deserve it. The heartache and humiliation I caused you does not come ”

After the paternity test, the custody and alimony agreement for the joint son of Tristan and Marley begins to take shape. An attorney who spoke with HollywoodLife said that given Tristan’s income, which stands at about $ 10 million a season, the NBA star is expected to pay alimony of about $ 40,000 a month. And what about Khloe? She tries to recover from the pain caused to her, and continues to look ahead. “Khloe has finished hurting Tristan and she’s not going to waste another tear on him. She’s progressing. It’s all about shared parenting on True,” HollywoodLife insiders said. “She does not care about his apology and his words do not change her anymore. She does not trust him and she will never trust him again. She is hurt and knows she deserves better.”

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