Courtney Kardashian is definitely at her peak, and she’s really not ashamed to show it off. Now the star has uploaded a series of photos with a bra and diamond fangs – leaving us speechless

Courtney Kardashian is one of our favorite stars in the global swamp, and in recent weeks she has been living her best life. The star has launched a glittering relationship with drummer Travis Barker, and since then she has not stopped showing off hot photos, posts in love and full of thirsty emojis. While cheering fans are expressing concern over Courtney Block’s change, the star has now uploaded one of her bolder posts.

Courtney shared a series of photos in her bra only, with her makeup well done and on her fangs she put a diamond.filled cover. The star added nothing to the caption other than a vampire emoji, and quite managed to stun the surfers in her new and unidentified block. Many surfers have also pointed out that Kurt’s bra is quite transparent and reveals extensive parts of her chest, but of course for the beautiful star it did not bother her at all (and why would it bother her, actually?).

Among the enthusiastic reactions to Courtney’s post appeared with the reaction of Alabama Barker, the youngest daughter of Courtney’s partner. The youngest daughter reacted to emojis in love with the image of her stepmother, having repeatedly come out on top of her biological mother and accused her of harsh accusations.

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