Artists like Álex Ubago, David Otero, Ismael Serrano, Butterfly Effect, David Summers, Vega, Conchita or Daniel Marco (Get lost), among others, have supported the request to the Government to follow the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) of “implement policies that use the arts in the healthcare system“.

This proposal is an initiative of the Musicians for Health foundation in collaboration with the General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE), the Intellectual Property Rights Management Entity (AGEDI), the Society of Interpreters or Executives of Spain (AIE ), and Es Música (Spanish Music Federation).

The organizers have explained their objective of achieving the support of the administrations that allows to include musical interpreters in health environments. In this way, they understand that the “experience and quality of life of patients, residents and health personnel will be improved, as well as complementing and humanizing treatment protocols“.

This is a WHO recommendation to incorporate the arts into the health system. During the presentation of the initiative, a video was viewed by Nils Fietje, technical officer of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, endorsing the request and explaining the benefits of the arts for health.

Julio Zarco, Deputy Managing Director of the Hospital Clínico de Madrid and president of the Humans Foundation, has also supported the campaign through a video.

In addition, the SGAE, AGEDI, AIE and Es Música, have also joined the request of the Musicians for Health foundation, among others, the Spanish Association of Higher Centers for Artistic Education (ACESEA), the Spanish Association of Symphonic Orchestras ( AEOS), Berklee College of Music, the Spanish Confederation of Musical Societies (CESM), the Albéniz Foundation (Reina Sofía Higher School of Music) and Melboss Music.

It is very interesting to support actions such as Musicians for Health, which allows us to improve the sanitary conditions of our patients.. On this occasion, bringing the best of our music, once we have been able to verify in the last year how crucial and strategic it is to have a solid, sustainable and quality healthcare “, said Iván García Pelayo, director of Institutional Relations of the SGAE .

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