Xoel López, Kiki Morente and Carlos Sadness, among the performances of the new edition of Inverfest

Xoel López, Kike Morente and Carlos Sadness are some of the artists who will perform from today until February 6 in the new edition of Inverfest, the cycle of winter concerts organized by the Teatro Circo Price to celebrate the entrance of the new anus.

On this occasion, it returns with a poster with musical proposals for all tastes distributed in various spaces in the city with the Circo Price Theater as its headquarters, the organizers have informed in a statement.

For three weeks, large groups that include cabaret, symphonic music, flamenco and rock sounds will take the stage.

The 2022 program features performances by artists such as M Clan, Xoel López, Carmen Linares, Kiki Morente, Quique González, Carlos Sadness, Josemi Carmona and Javier Colina with Bandolero, Nach, Miguel Campello, Carmen Boza, Nach, Fuel Fandango, Rufus T. Firefly, Alice Wonder, Marina Heredia, Rodrigo Cuevas and Ariel Rot with Kiko Veneno, among other artists.

You will also be able to see the performances of groups such as Fuel Fandango, Los Punsetes, Stay Homas, Morgan, Shinova, Niños Mutantes, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Varry Brava, Arde Bogotá, Los Zigarros, Corazonas, Viva Belgrado and Toundra.

As in the last edition, it will be committed to music aimed at audiences of all ages with Inverfest New Rockers, a section within the festival dedicated to new generations of fans of live music.

This year a special section is also decided on the interpretation of poems live under the name ‘Inververso’ with artists such as Elvira Sastre, César Brandon, El vertigo perpendicular and Jon Andión together with José Miguel Garzón.

Under the name ‘Satélites’, the festival has organized several concerts at the Casa de Música de Fuenlabrada and Mira Teatro de Pozuelo starring the musicians Sr Chinarro, Rebeca Jiménez and Benjamín Prado, La Bien Querida, Maria Rodés, Axolotes Mexicanos, Aiko El Group and the educational show Rock en Familia.

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