In honor of the 40th anniversary: ​​Kate Middleton like you’ve never seen her before

In honor of the 40th birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, To be held tomorrow, Kensington Palace released today (Sunday) three portrait photos of the Duchess, dressed in three unique dresses by British super designer Alexander McQueen. Photographer Paulo Roversi took the photos in London’s botanical gardens, which will be included in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery.

In the first photo, Middleton is wearing a one-shoulder shoulder-length red-sleeved dress with her hands in the dress pockets, a completely doll-like block. The makeup looks quite natural, the background of the image is uniform, and her earrings are taken from the official collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

In another photo, the Duchess was photographed in a white dress made of delicate fabric, with the straps of the dress fastened with a bow tie, and her earrings with diamond-studded pearl earrings, which reportedly belonged to her wrath, the late Princess Diana.

In the third photo, Middleton is photographed in a black-and-white close-up, in another white off-shoulder style dress, with a puffy-floral finish, wearing a smile from ear to ear and her hair pushed aside.

The line that characterizes the three images seems to be the photograph that focuses on her face, with the Duchess looking natural and relaxed with her wavy hair scattered. The photographer responsible for this, told the media that “photographing the Duchess was an honor for me, a moment of pure happiness. I was thrilled by her warm welcome, I was fascinated.”

It seems that although the British royal house remains quite conservative in the style of dress as well, one thing can be said about the Duchess: she knows how to maintain a solid and majestic look, and also finds a way not to get bored. She may not be Princess Diana, who knew how to deviate from the royal rules of the game even in the style of dress, but this is definitely a refreshing line in the royal landscape.

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