Courtney Kardashian launched her new relationship with Travis Barker a few months ago, and since then she has completely changed her visibility on social media. After only at the beginning of the week we told you that the beloved star has revealed a nipple, now she continues in the bizarre line – and reveals fangs

This week we are in the middle of Courtney Kardashian’s week, during which the 42-year-old star is doing everything to stay in the center of attention. After exposing her nipple in rather odd pictures and being photographed with a toad, now she is proving to us once again that she intends to stay deep in the bizarre – probably for a long time to come.

Kurt has uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram page, in which she is lying on a huge white bed in tight leather clothes. The star rested on her back with a reading book in her hands, and on her teeth appeared again the strange diamond fangs she so fond of.

Curtney’s photos garnered thousands of comments from confused surfers, who mostly wondered who the punk Courtney who came into our lives and where the hitter Courtney we all loved so much had gone. Many commenters have blamed Travis Barker for entering Kurt’s life by changing her appearance, but we’re mostly happy that our Courtney is in love, happy and becoming a vampire.

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