What are you hiding?  That’s how Kylie Jenner was perceived
Kylie Jenner used to keep her pregnancies a secret, but in recent days surfers suspect that the star has already given birth to her second baby in secret. Her latest paparazzi that went online led many to believe that the day had already come


While she is dealing with quite a few allegations on the net that she has already given birth to baby number 2 in a particularly secret birth, Kylie Jenner throws another match into the fire with her rather suspicious paparazzi who has gone on the net.

The 24-year-old star is due to give birth to her second baby every day, which she gives birth to together with the father of her first daughter, Travis Scott (30). She spent the last weekend in a particularly family outing with her mother, Chris Jenner, her partner, Corey Gamble, and her three-year-old daughter, Stormy, but for her photos released just before she returned to real life – no one was ready.



Kylie was photographed at the airport boarding her private jet, moments after the pampering vacation in Palm Springs. One by one, her mother, Chris, and her partner, Corey, got out of the car, but Kylie chose to make the fans a little more suspicious, as she got out of the car wrapped in a blanket that hid her, her pregnant belly, and her daughter, who was on her arms.

It’s not clear why Kylie hid from the photographers, who had been a regular part of her life routine for a long time. This, in addition to the few hints on the net that Kylie * maybe * gave birth to the new baby in a secret birth, ignited a mini-storm on the net, and with Hollywood as with Hollywood – probably only time will tell the truth. expecting.

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