From the first moment Scott Disick’s name was linked to Emilia Hamlin’s name our stomachs started to turn. The two met when Scott, a father of three, was 37, and Emilia was only 19. The only age that has changed since then is Scott’s age that grew by a year ‘and with it the age gap with the girl company that approached 20 years increased.

The two present a particularly sticky and in love relationship, with shared photos, photogenic pastimes and talk of moving into a shared home. Apparently the mythical and fiery relationship of the mythological ex, Courtney Kardashian, made Scott want to step up in the collaboration of the multi.generational relationship – because the latest photo the star posted left fans speechless.

The star photographed his partner from behind while she was on tiptoe, trying to reach the high shelf on the wall. So far, a completely routine situation, but Emilia was with a small mobile.colored thong and a matching bra no less than stunning. Amelia looked amazing in the upscale lingerie, but many surfers raised an eyebrow (again) at the sight of Scott and Amelia’s relationship. Wedding? Not sure we’ll see there. More photos in thong? Probably so.

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